Hady Kamar

“My stomach complains a lot. It ruins my day and keeps me up all night. It could be all the garbage food I throw at it. But it could also be because its the emotional center of my body. And when emotions get low It leaves me even more nauseous and unsettled than those burritos from the chinese spot ever could. And I don’t know how to deal with it. Does everyone’s body react so severely? Is it always the stomach? And how can anyone sleep through it? Hopefully through spending some time with the work, the table crew will be able to relate their experiences.”

Hady Kamar

First artist showing a the Table Museum

January 20th 2012-February 17th 2012

Some of his recent works can be found here.

Hady’s debriefing after his time in the Table Museum can be found here.

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